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More vs. Better

Seth Godin has written a wonderfully concise blog post entitled “Doing More vs. Doing Better” in which he suggests that, rather than asking people to do more,  “the most important and difficult form of management (verging on leadership) is to … Continue reading

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Toward Civic Collaboration

Faculty meeting today at 4pm… we’re presenting… topic is collaboration… it’s 9:30am, and the topic is rumbling around in my head… I’m drawn to the notion that effective collaboration among teachers serves students and student learning most effectively. An essential question, … Continue reading

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Why don’t we get rid of grades?

So here is an idea, and I will admit this is a radical and potentially game-changing idea for teachers, but… Why don’t we get rid of grades?!? I know what you are going to say, “We can’t actually get rid … Continue reading

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