Reframing the Journey

I’m reading in Dorothy Mackeracher’s Making Sense of Adult Learning today – specifically, Chapter 8: “Relationships in Learning.” The author notes three types of relationships that are essential in adult learning: 1) learner and facilitator: where a positive relationship helps learners “feel secure enough to take risks;” 2) learner and co-learners: where a “sense of belonging” facilitates learning; and 3) learner and knowledge: where learner connects current learning activites with past experience and present/future goals (151).

I offer this bit of research for two reasons. First, they offer a glimpse of my Journey: recently I’ve begun the first semester of a three-year, cohort-based EdD program at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College . From time-to-time, I’ll write to reflect on the work that my colleagues and I are doing together.

And secondly, Professor Mackeracher has hit on something that begins to capture my need to reframe this blog by changing its title and purpose. This blog will serve as a public space to consider Mackeracher’s point #3 “learner and knowledge.” I’ll reflect on learning activities – from both the EdD program and my work at school – and connect them with past experiences and future goals.

I remain hopeful that my sharing can be of service to others who are making their way along similar journeys of professional growth and development. After all, as Mackeracher notes, “human interconnection, relatedness, and interdependence form the central plot of human development” (Mackeracher, 2004).

How do you fulfill the need for “interconnection, relatedness, and interdependence” with professional colleagues at school?


About Dr. Ostroff

Head of Upper School at The Emery/Weiner School in Houston, TX
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