All Saints’ Episcopal School

Location: 9700 Saints Circle Fort Worth, TX  76108 / online at
Description: pre-k through 12th grade, co-educational, college preparatory, day school
Enrollment (2013/2014): 950

Our Mission
All Saints’ Episcopal School of Fort Worth promotes academic excellence in a nurturing, Christian environment and upholds the Anglican tradition of worship.

Outcome Statement
A graduate of All Saints’ Episcopal School will exercise genius within through developing a relationship with God, by engaging the world, and by serving others.

The All Saints’ Approach: Finding the Genius Within
Every child has special gifts – All Saints’ Episcopal School is committed to helping develop those gifts to their fullest potential. Whether the student is a chess champion, a talented artist, a gifted athlete, the next Earhart or Einstein or just a great kid, All Saints’ will give him or her a strong, well-rounded foundation for success.

Our Mission Statement means students strive for excellence in the classics, the sciences, the arts and athletics, and dedicated teachers challenge and support students as they discover passions, develop gifts, and prepare to make a difference in the world. Our nationally acclaimed religious studies curriculum encourages intellectual curiosity and spiritual reflection for all faiths, which makes the All Saints’ experience unique among private educational institutions in Fort Worth and beyond. Through all these experiences, students develop their genius within, both for their own benefit and more importantly, as servant leaders for the world. We invite you to learn more about All Saints’.


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