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18 Ways Teachers Can Use Google+ Hangouts

Below is a wonderful article about the amazing uses for the video-conferencing feature of the new Network from Google –> Hangouts. These are videochats that sync up with Google Docs and a few other Google apps to allow for some … Continue reading

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A Nod to Teaching Math

Happy New School Year! Over the last two years, my process of professional growth has been informed most directly by working with Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) as part of a school-based team. PLP develops cohorts of teacher-leaders and challenges us to … Continue reading

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The 5 C’s to Developing Your Personal Learning Network

This is a great post that I found over on The Innovative Educator. I have copied it in it’s entirety below, but if you would prefer to read it on the original site, click here. Friday, August 12, 2011 The … Continue reading

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More vs. Better

Seth Godin has written a wonderfully concise blog post entitled “Doing More vs. Doing Better” in which he suggests that, rather than asking people to do more,  “the most important and difficult form of management (verging on leadership) is to … Continue reading

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Toward Civic Collaboration

Faculty meeting today at 4pm… we’re presenting… topic is collaboration… it’s 9:30am, and the topic is rumbling around in my head… I’m drawn to the notion that effective collaboration among teachers serves students and student learning most effectively. An essential question, … Continue reading

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